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Welcome to Your IBSC

What We Believe:

Our mission is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information between independent banks to ensure that we are serving our communities in the best way possible. In addition, we also strive to provide education opportunities for our members and facilitate interaction between community banks. We believe that community banks play a vital role in each local community and work to continually communicate that to the banking public.

In addition to the activities listed above we also believe in supporting the following:

  • Maintaining the dual banking system
  • Advocating for both Federal and State legislation to encourage policies which provide for sound economic development and help to preserve the competitive position of our members
  • Advancing and safeguarding the American system of community banking in the belief that it is best suited to provide financial services to the diversified communities in the United States

Why It Pays To Be A Member:

The Association’s goal is for the Independent Banks to be a vital part of South Carolina’s economic well-being and to serve the communities in which they are located. To accomplish this goal, we offer a wide range of services and activities to our membership. Some of these services include seminars, workshops, access to a full directory and employment information. Events are also planned for the community that include public and private program involvement, exhibits and encourage local involvement. Learn more about qualifications needed for membership here.

We also hold an Annual Convention that allows our members to engage in networking, continuing education and discussion about the current issues facing the independent banking community locally and through out the US. Visit our events calendar to learn more about the upcoming convention in beautiful Isle of Palms, SC.

IBSC 2014 Convention

July 24-26, 2014
Wild Dunes Resort
Isle of Palms, SC

Members Go Local Federal Issues

IBSC educates its members so they can do their jobs effectively. We also promote relationships among vendors, government and community leaders, shareholders and the communtiy.


More Information

The IBSC is excited to have joined on to the ICBA's Go Local Campaign.

More Information

The IBSC continues to education and inform our mebers of legislation that  that affects the South Carolina Community banks.

Communities First Act
Dodd-Frank Implementation
Deposit Insurance
Risk Based Capital Rules; Basel II & III

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